Assesment Plus is a tool that streamlines the assessment process. In this prototype, the core input metrics cover client information (to reference other systems), needs assessment and what existing care support is currently available. The key outputs are short client classifiers, the amount of support hours and visits, and a breakdown of weekly additional care requirements. This tool has been designed to be used with case studies to ensure correct and consistent classfication.

Needs Assessment:

Daily and weekly activities needs requirement are captured on a 0-4 scale. A rating of 0 (zero) means that there is no requirement for care to assist with that particular activity. A rating of 2 (two) means that there are moderate needs for care assistance. A maximum rating of 4 (four) means that full assistance is needed for that particular activity.

Existing Support Assessment:

Existing support is broken into support with 1) Dressing, bathing and hygiene actvities, 2) Cooking and feeding activities and 3) Weekly support with cleaning, laundry and shopping. A tick in the box means that there is someone available to support with the activity. This could be family, friends or volunteers. In the case of daily activities, there is a tick box for each time slot for each day of the week.

Classification and Care Packages:

Classification codes are generated as shorthand for describing care package requirements to care delivers. Weekly hours and weekly visits are cumulative totals for a week. The weekly split of care requirements in minutes for each day is provided for either one or two carers depending on needs. These metrics feed directly to care delivery planning and used to budget ongoing care costs.